December 4 – 10:30 am – 12 noon PDT

Tutor: Gail Harker

Since the earliest of days there has been much speculation about the colorful spectrum and how many colors existed that are based on that spectrum. Around the same same time scientists and artists developed color wheels from what they saw.

Join Gail as she travels around the world, tongue-in-cheek, in search of the finest pigments and colors. She will even share an ancient secret dye recipe with you. Most of all come to be immersed in the colors and the stories that became legends.

This talk and slideshow is for those who simply enjoy color and for artists working in any medium including textiles. The presentation may even be described as a Color Appreciation Course.  We often take color for granted, always expecting it to be there.  It may be surprising to see how much work, time and development has gone into making the world a brighter more colorful place.  Many people including philosophers, scientists, artists, craftspeople, and producers of pigments and dyes have played a hand in this evolution of color. It is exciting to see how pigments have found color names alongside the spectrum and how they are used in our colored pencils, dyes and paints even today. In our world travels we stop at Gail’s studio where you will see student color studies and some colorful textiles. Join us!