The Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts offers a comprehensive course schedule for artists of every level. Our internationally acclaimed faculty conducts certificate, diploma, and tutored courses in textile art, color studies, machine embroidery, paper and feltmaking, multimedia art, and dozens more. Whether you choose to visit our center in beautiful La Conner, or elect to enroll in our self-paced or mentored courses from your own home, we invite you to explore the resources we have to offer as you pursue your personal artistic goals.

Color is important in many of the courses at our center.  Level 1 Color is regularly offered at the studio and is also available online. Color theory is explored and provides hands on experience creating and working with color and color schemes.  This course forms a foundation for Art, Design and Stitch Courses. There are no prerequisites to take any of the Level 1 Courses.

Color Studies

Art and Design is included in a number of courses.  Some specially focus on the elements, whether working in paper, fabric or stitch.  The Online Course Circles  is such a course that I have developed over many years to challenge and stimulate new artists.

Circles - Design Studies

Make your mark with needles and threads. There are so many ways in which to make marks using threads on fabric or paper. Our students call it an addictive and compelling art form.

Stitch Art

Dyeing and painting of fabric and threads is undertaken on many of the courses. It precedes making stitch samples or projects.  Some people have never stitched before, some have done a little and others want to expand their vocabulary.

Dyeing Fabric for Stitching

Do you have a fear of stitching on a blank sheet of white fabric?  It’s similar to a writer being challenged with a white sheet of paper.  It can be difficult to place the first image or word.  Painting or dyeing the fabric can be a tremendous inspiration and often reduces the fear factor.

Fabric Dyeing Leads to Inspiration!

Students study historic and multi cultural approaches to the creation of stitched textiles.  Some courses feature the study of design motifs and the techniques involved in making these stitches. A contemporary focus is given to new work.

Stitched Textile Studies

Dyeing threads is particularly rewarding, especially when you see the wide variety of colors and values that can be made from only a few dyes.   Cotton stranded and twisted threads are used for dyeing and stitching. Dyeing Threads is included within the Level 1 Experimental Hand Stitch Course.

Luscious Embroidery Threads

Our courses are well known for their creative contemporary approach to embroidery through basic design, technique and color.  Level 1 Experimental Hand Stitch and Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch combines and focuses on the variety of effects that can be achieved through imagination.

Contemporary Embroidery Classes

Machine Embroidery was sometimes named Painting with the Needle –  from the 50s onwards. Creating art with your sewing machine makes lush, rich surfaces.  Level 1 Experimental Machine Stitch begins this journey of learning in a 5 day course.

Machine Embroidery

Hand Stitching or Embroidery calls up images of richness and historically has been the favored textile of Kings and Queens. Even and especially ordinary people like to express themselves with stitch.  Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 use Hand Stitch as an art form.

Hand Stitch Embroidery

Level 3 Studies in Art and Design supports our higher level Stitch Courses or may be used for those studying art and design as a stand alone subject. It includes and extends the basics of art and design. New skills are developed through working with a range of different media is used such as acrylics, pencils, different forms of collage, printing and more.

Level 3 Art and Design

Experimental Research for Advanced Design is the highest level of Design offered at our center.  Students design large scale artwork, make handmade books and learn to illustrate an historical theme.  They also are able to choose a topic to design from.  During this course they advance their understanding of media from Level 3 Art and Design.

Level 4 Advanced Design

Many of our students come from a distance and stay locally at Hotels or Bed and Breakfast venues.   It is always a special time when they come together for a class, exhibition, an Open House or Artist in Residence Event. The last class in a series focuses on staging an exhibition or art event. The local public is invited to attend.


There are a number of Special Interest Courses throughout the year.  Anybody can attend. A wide range of art, design, fabric and stitch subjects are offered. This is a lovely way to learn a new skill with like minded people, or improve on what you already know.

Special Interest Courses

Materials play an important role for a textile artist. Different threads create different effects. We learn to stitch with a variety of thread and fabric types. Stitching with Metal Threads (Goldwork) is a skill all its own and is offered for advanced students. There are a special selection of metal threads to learn about and to use.

Goldwork and Metal Thread Embroidery

Interims (tutoring and mentoring sessions with students) are offered occasionally, either at the studio or online. These sessions are available to everyone.  Students work at the studio and have individual tutorials throughout the day.  An interim session may be set anywhere from 1 to 5 days.

Mentoring Sessions

News & Events

Although our Couching and Laid Work Class has begun, interested people may still join the group.has begun, interested people may still join the group.  Send Gail an email, if interested!

While our  Center is Temporarily Closed for Classes due to the Corona Virus concerns, all of our courses are now being conducted through online meetings.

Jumpstart your creativity through a mentored design exploration!  With a group of like-minded students and individual sessions with Gail Harker, you’ll experiment and learn how to use different mediums and incorporate design elements into original artwork!  No prerequisites needed. More Information Here!

Level 1 Color Studies

Use your at home time to learn to work effectively with color! This online course has been designed to give you access to a new way of looking at color and includes videos, slideshows, and exercises. For more info Click HERE!

Join us for a mentored journey into the depths of imagination, as you explore art journaling in a sketchbook.  This class is open to all who would like to learn new techniques, get support in working regularly in their sketchbook, or be part of a group who inspire and support one another.  For Dates and Information Click HERE!

Join Gail Harker for a new online lecture – A Vision of Art and Design – that will spark your creative spirit!  See a slideshow of original and exciting artwork that will ignite your creativity!  Thursday October 22 Click for more info and to register

Free Video for Art Journaling!

Our online, self-paced Designing with Circles 1 & 2 courses are at the low price of $15.95 for both courses, normally $49.95 each!

Check Out our new Gallery of Graduates of the Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts!

Complex Threads Exhibition GalleryIncredible artwork by students of the Gail Harker Center shown at the Schack Art Gallery in Everett, WA

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Color Studies: Level 1 A short slide presentation in color adds extra information to the Color brochure.

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