How Courses Work at the Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts

We offer two types of courses at the center Special Interest and Certificate(or Diploma) courses.

Special Interest Courses are 1 to 5 days, have no prerequisites and offer great variety.

Certificate and Diploma Courses comprise the core studies that we offer.

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Level 1 Certificate Courses

Approximately 30 hour taster courses comprised of a variety of techniques. There are no prerequisites for entry into Level 1 studies.  Five Level 1 Certificate Courses are available:

  • Experimental Hand Stitch 101
  • Experimental Machine Stitch 101
  • Color Studies 101
  • Experimental Feltmaking 101
  • Pulp to Portfolio – Papermaking 101

Level 2 Certificate Course

  • Studies in Design and Experimental Hand and Machine Stitch 201 (220 hours*)

Level Two Studies offer students more possibilities to work with color, design, stitch and technique, and to progress the design to completed samples and finished small-scale items.  The work builds on Level 1 studies.

Prerequisites: Experimental Hand Stitch 101 and Experimental Machine Stitch 101

Level 3 Certificate Courses

  • Studies in Art and Design 301 (300 hours*)

Students acquire basic design skills to include color and design principles.

Prerequisite: Color Studies 101

  • Advanced Studies in Experimental Stitch 301 (320 hours*)

The course focuses on combining the skills of design, machine and hand stitch to develop more complex finished items.

Prerequisites: a potential student must be enrolled in or have completed Studies in Design and Experimental Hand and Machine Stitch 201, and Studies in Art and Design 301  

Level 4 Diploma Courses

The Diploma Courses offer the highest level of study within the course series, and are intended to prompt students to work to a high professional standard of art and craftsmanship.  Students will develop individual artisanal expression.

  • Experimental Research for Advanced Design 401 (300 hours*)

An in-depth exploration of a major inspirational theme to create a professional body of art and comprehensive design course that builds on Level 3 Studies in Art and Design.

Prerequisite:  Studies in Art and Design 301

  • Studies in Experimental Stitch and Multi Media 401 (300 hours*)

This course builds upon skills and techniques of previous courses to develop more highly advanced contemporary stitch and design skills to a professional level.

Prerequisite: Advanced Studies in Experimental Stitch 301 and enrollment in, or completion of, Experimental Research for Advanced Design 401  

*Hours are an estimate of time spent in session at the center.  Additional time is required outside of sessions to complete course work.

Individual brochures are available for a full description of each course.