Frequently Asked Questions - Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts

Online Courses

Do I need a Skype account for the online course?

No, a Skype account is not necessary for our courses.

Do your online courses have a syllabus?

For many of our courses the course brochure acts as the syllabus. It gives the best explanation of what material will be covered in the course. Mentored courses will always have a Schedule and a Study Guide, and Self-paced courses will include a Study Guide.

For Mentored courses: How do I send my homework to be checked?

Students are normally given the option to submit their work electronically or mail their work for review at the end of the course. The particulars for the class you take will be up to your Tutor.

How much time do online courses take?

It will depend on the course. For our Level 1 Color Studies Online Certificate Course we have found that students will want to budget an average of 12 hours per week, although Unit 1 can take significantly fewer hours, and Unit 3 may take more time depending on how you work.

What do I need to take an online course?

Information on what is needed can be found here.

What if I have to interrupt the class? Can I take it up again?

We try to work with students in their various needs. It is our firm goal that students have the best experience possible and that they get the most out of the learning they undertake. Students are encouraged to correspond directly with their tutor if they need to stop work on a course.

When will Level 1 Color Studies Online be offered again?

Check back frequently, Level 1 Color Studies Online may be offered again soon.

At the Center Courses

Are there places to stay close to the center?

There are many options available. Click here for travel information and download our Student Accommodations Guide. When booking your room, be sure to tell them that you are a student at the Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts so that you may receive any discount they offer.

Do I need a portfolio to take classes at the center?

No, a portfolio is not needed to begin your studies here.

Do I need to bring my sewing machine to class?

If you have registered for a course where we will be using a sewing machine you have the option of bringing your own sewing machine and are encouraged to do so. If you do not have a sewing machine, are traveling by air, or it is not convenient to bring your machine we have Pfaff’s available for use.  Please let us know that you will need a machine at the time you register.

Do you offer residencies?

No, we do not offer residencies.

How do I get there if I fly in, arriving at the Abbotsford Airport in BC?

You can rent a car in advance.  The drive is straight forward and there is very little traffic. You can map your route here.

How do I get to the Center if I fly in arriving at the Vancouver BC Airport?

You can rent a car in advance.  The drive to the center is fairly straight forward. You can map your route here.

How do I get to the Center if I fly in to Seattle (arriving at Sea-Tac)?

There is a shuttle service to the Farmhouse Inn, 5 miles north of La Conner. An alternative is to rent a car in advance.  The drive to the center is fairly straight forward. You can map your route here.

If I arrive by plane and take the shuttle to La Conner, can I get around easily, back and forth from my class to my hotel/bed and breakfast without a ca

Let us know at the Center if you plan on being here without a vehicle as we can help to facilitate this. Students often share rides back and forth to hotels. One or two of the inns/hotels will also pick up or drop off for a very reasonable price. Ask them in advance.

Is financial aid available?

We are not able to accept or facilitate financial aid at this this time.

What can I do for lunch while I’m attending classes at the center?

We have a small kitchen at the Center with a refrigerator, microwave, dishes, cutlery, cups and glasses.  Students bring in a few supplies for a light lunch or bring leftovers from a meal out. There is always room to eat as a group in one of the classrooms or on nice days to find a table outside.  La Conner is very close by. Some people like to occasionally eat out at one of the restaurants or bring a sandwich back to the class room.