About Gail Harker

Gail HarkerIt has been my great joy to be associated with some of the world’s greatest teachers and mentors who have, over the years, provided me with inspiration. I also appreciate the dedication of the many students from across Britain, North America and around the world who have brought enthusiasm, talent, and passion to the courses they attend. I am always impressed by the dedication it takes for them to attend courses involving travel over very long distances, sometimes thousands of miles. It is their passion and dedication along with my own that has helped me to keep the goals for our center at the highest levels since our beginning.

Sharing Knowledge
The sharing of knowledge is to honor the wonderful teachers of art and embroidery who have given of themselves to me and others. First among these is Jan Beaney who will always be my primary inspiration. Other important artist-teachers who have shared their awesome talents are Constance Howard and Beryl Dean. I hope I may always be as giving and open with the knowledge I have acquired as have they.

High Quality Courses to Suit Busy Lifestyles
We offer and retain high quality, structured, advanced art, design and textile courses for adults who wish to study on part time schedules that fit around busy lifestyles.

Creative Growth for Students
We aim to provide excellence in teaching with well qualified and knowledgeable instructors. We use demonstrations, samples, discussions, slides and videos. Our courses of instruction are centered around solid knowledge involving the principles of art and design coupled with technique.

A Nurturing Environment
We devote ourselves to the provision of a conducive environment in which to learn and appreciate art, design, embroidery and other textile art forms

Individual Expression for Artists
We teach students a structured method of working that will provide them the foundation to become accomplished artists within their chosen disciplines. Our focus is on the development of individual expression within a contemporary context.

Embroidery Celebrated as an Art Form
We hope to raise the general perception of embroidery, decorated fabric, and stitched multimedia artwork to recognition as a true art form.

Certification for Excellence
We provide certification of students through Certificates and Diplomas that will be universally accepted as the standard of excellence, and that the holders will be recognized as practitioners of the highest standard.