Certificate Course, Level 4

Starts: 26 July 2022

Class Name: Amber

Tutor: Gail Harker

Click Here for the Course Brochure: L4 Advanced Research for Design – Amber

Status: Enrollment CLOSED

Experimental Research for Advanced Design has been reorganized for those students who enjoy working independently within the structure of this higher level course. Normally the course has approx. 270 hours of instruction, but it is being offered this time over an accelerated schedule of 132 hours particularly to accommodate students who are also taking Level 4 Experimental Stitch over the same time period. Students will be working 18 days in the studio. There will be 12 one hour tutorial online sessions and 3 more to be scheduled later.  Additional online hours may be made available to those who may desire more direction. Student numbers will be limited this time, so let Gail know if you have interest or have additional questions that the Course Brochure: L4 Advanced Research for Design – Amber does not cover.

The course provides students an opportunity to choose, research, explore, experiment, document and develop a major inspirational theme.  A professional body of artwork will flow from the research of the theme. Students will be encouraged to develop their own innovative and inventive design ideas.  Personal expression and more complex imagery will come from new techniques learned in the course along with those from Level 3 Art and Design.

  • Prerequisite:  Open to any student that is enrolled in or has completed Level 3 Art & Design.  If you’re not sure if you may qualify, please feel free to contact Gail for clarification.
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  • Please send us a L4 Amber Registration and Course Fee Information even if you elect to register online. 

Payment plans are available.  Please see the L4 Amber Registration and Course Fee Information

Since this course is being offered on an accelerated schedule, please contact Gail to discuss if it is the right option for you!