Tutor: Gail Harker

Course Information: Online Mentoring Session

Status: Enrollment Open – Contact Gail to set up date and time

Are you stuck on a project or just need inspiration? Or perhaps you would like another set of eyes to help review your ongoing artwork and what to do nextOur students at the center use these mentoring sessions for just those reasons and more.  If you are already an online student of Gail’s and would like some in person online time, you are welcome. Or if you are not a past student, all newcomers are welcome. Take some photos of your work and send either by attachments or Dropbox and send to Gail. Let her know what you would like from the session.  Together online with Gail you can look at the photos together, discuss and get valuable feedback.

If you have questions, send Gail an email before you sign up. Gail will let you know if the schedule time you choose is available.  If it is, the time will be confirmed and closer to the mentoring date you will be sent an invitation to Go to Meeting (a platform just like Zoom)  

For one mentoring session select the one hour time slots that work for your schedule from times on the Course Information: Online Mentoring Session