2021 Dates:

    September 24 and/or September 25, 2021

     December 9 and/or December 10, 2021

Tutor: Gail Harker

Course Information: Mentoring Session

Status: Enrollment Open

Covid Vaccination Required

Spend quality time and have an opportunity for individual private mentoring session with Gail. She can assist you in any new or ongoing design or stitch work, assess your work, and provide new learning opportunities for further study. Use the time to become energized, inspired or to focus on projects in a supportive environment of like-minded individuals.  Bring the project that you are working on or would like to start and materials to work with. Gail will work individually with students on projects of their choice.  Tutorials are rotated so that every student is taken in turn for private discussion.

Classroom Safety: Per Co-vid 19 safety precautions, all students who attend classes at the center must be vaccinated.

$125.00 for 1 day – September 24  OR  September 25, 2021

or $225 for 2 days – September 24 AND 25

$125.00 for 1 day – Dec. 9  OR  Dec 10, 2021

or  $225 for 2 days- Dec 9 AND 10